Where is my money going?

Our main focus is to use the donation to ensure the victims in all Bengal get access to these 4 key essentials Clean drinking water Access to medicine Temporary shelter materials Warm food

Are you directly working on ground?

We are partnering with multiple NGOs and relief groups who are working in ground in urban and rural Bengal to optimise the reach and delivery of the aforementioned essentials. Check out more details about our partners here.

How are you disbursing the contribution? What are the parameters?

As stated above we have identified 4 key essentials and we will use the contribution to optimally reach the victims on immediate need basis.

Do all the empanelled NGO’s/Body/Institution/Individuals have necessary validation?

Yes. We have. We belief this is the time of honesty and solidarity. Thus all our work follows strict guidelines of transparency.

Do I get any tax benefit?

All your donations are subjected to tax benefit under 80G. If you are donating from countries out of India, we suggest you do a necessary check with your local authority about the same too.

Do I get to know, how my contribution is benefitting people?

Absolutely. We will make sure a photograph and statement of delivery of relief reaches every donor. Click here to check the entire list of donors and the statement of incoming funds for your knowledge.

How do I volunteer?

We need as many volunteers as possible. Please register yourself on our website. Let's together make sure we stand #WithBengal. To register as a volunteer click here.

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